Words from "D" в The Grocer's Encyclopedia

DabDairyDalmation Powder
Damaged GoodsDamsonDandelion
Date PlumDatesDecantation
DecanterDelaware WineDelicatessen
Demerara SugarDemijohnDenatured Alcohol
DendangDermestesDesiccated Milk
Desiccated or Dried SoupsDewberryDextrin
DextroseDiamond BackDiastase
Digby ChicksDigestibility of FoodsDill
DistillationDistilled WaterDoucette
Dried and Evaporated FruitDried Beef, Smoked Beef, Chipped BeefDried Herbs
DrumfishDry DistillationDry Soap
DunfishDurianDutch Standard
Dyes, Aniline  

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