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Is a product whose name describes its manufacture, the word (in German) signifying "twice baked." That put on the market by large manufacturers is made from a special dough raised by yeast like ordinary bread but containing more milk than water and frequently including also eggs and butter - and, for sweetened varieties, sugar and a little flavoring. The dough is molded in shapes according to the variety, well proved and baked; then left to cool for several hours, sliced and re-baked dry to a nice brown. The industry originated in Germany, and there is still a small annual importation from that country, but the great bulk of the supply is of domestic manufacture.

Among the best known special types are Hamburg Zwiebach, like round rolls cut in two across; Vienna Zwiebach, in long ovals or finger shape; Hungarian Zwiebach, finger-shaped, wider at each end than in the middle, covered with icing and baked brown; Saxon Zwiebach, finger-shaped, sliced; Anise Zwiebach; Hamburg Children's Zwiebach, a specially light style for children and invalids, and several kinds made for dietetic purposes of Gluten or Malted bread.

Supplementing the varieties described, is a large quantity made from ordinary bread, either sweetened or unsweetened, cut in slices and slowly baked till thoroughly crisp. For ordinary unsweetened use, it is best prepared from Vienna bread, but almost any kind of baker's bread will answer the purpose. Home-made bread will seldom give satisfactory results.

Zwiebach is eaten in place of cake or bread and is also sometimes used for cooking. It is considered very wholesome. It is best consumed fresh, but if held in a cool dry place it can be kept for some time by occasional additional toasting or baking to remove any moisture attracted.

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