Waxed Paper

Waxed Paper -

Is paper coated with refined PARAFFIN (which see). It is odorless and tasteless when properly made. It is employed in packing dates, raisins, candy, etc., and to wrap butter, lard, cheese and other foods, as it serves to keep moisture in - and out - and is cheap, convenient and cleanly. It is manufactured both in rolls and sheets and as a lining for paper bags. Small rolls at five cents and ten cents each are now retailed for household use, for wrapping meats, etc., keeping them fresh and moist and protecting them from the odors of other articles.

Vegetable Parchment paper, treated with sulphuric acid so as to render it impervious to moisture, is also largely employed for the same purposes. The best qualities can be soaked in water and washed out without losing their virtue. Many careful housewives who receive butter, etc., wrapped in this special paper, save it for household uses after the consumption of the articles originally contained.

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