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One of the grocer's indispensable aids, and if poor in material or make, one of his greatest troubles! Every merchant should realize the advertising possibilities of a handsome delivery wagon. It should be borne in mind that the delivery wagon is the public representative of a retail business, continually in the public eye, traversing all streets and stopping at all sorts of houses. It pays a high-class business house to see that it is creditably represented in this respect. It is not enough that vehicles should be serviceable - they should also be handsome and correctly represent the spirit that animates the store. No one likes to have a shabby delivery wagon stop in front of the door. Other things being equal, a lady will patronize the house which she knows will deliver her purchases to her in good style. Furthermore, fine delivery wagons are, after all, just as cheap in the long run, for they last longer and cost less for repairs.

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