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The flesh of all kinds of deer. That of plump, forest-fed animals is considered the choicest. Stall-fed venison is usually poor and coarse. The buck is generally best from May to September, and the doe from September to December. The animal should be at least five years old.

The meat is improved by moderate hanging, but care must be taken to see that it is not so old as to be stale. The vein in the neck should be bluish, not green or yellow, and there should be no offensive smell under the kidneys. Either of these defects indicates staleness. The retailer's wisest policy is to buy it as fresh as possible. On receipt, it should be wiped dry, dusted with a floury cloth and hung, cut-end up, in a cool, airy place. If to be kept for any considerable length of time, it is advisable to dust with powdered ginger instead of flour. If "musty" when purchased, it should be immediately washed with lukewarm water, or lukewarm milk and water, wiped dry and dusted with powdered ginger.

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