Tunny Fish

Tunny Fish -

A very large fish found in the Mediterranean, and along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America. It often attains a length of from twelve to fifteen feet and a weight of one thousand pounds and upward. It is generally caught in nets arranged in funnel-form, the fish entering the wide mouth and being gradually driven to the narrow end, to be there killed by lances and harpoons. It is pearly black or dark blue above, with silvery sides and white or silver-spotted dusky on the under-parts. The flesh is considered a delicacy and is eaten both fresh and preserved, in cans and otherwise, in salt and oil. If the finer meat in the imported cans is thoroughly chilled before opening and then cut in dice for use in salads, it easily passes for chicken.

The Tunny also yields a considerable quantity of oil, twenty gallons being sometimes obtained from a single fish by boiling the head and belly.

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