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Is one of the most popular of meat delicacies. Beeves' or Beef tongues are generally understood when "Tongue" is mentioned, but calf's, Lamb's, sheep's and pig's tongues also come under the heading in the butcher business. Calf's Tongue is usually sold with the head. Lamb's Tongue is generally pickled.

In purchasing, choose those which are thick and firm, with plenty of fat on the under-side.

Canned tongues of the best brands are just as desirable as those bought and cooked fresh. The term "Lunch Tongues" generally signifies canned pigs' tongues. "Compressed" Tongue is subjected to pressure before or during the canning process.

Dealers should never sell a can of Tongue - or of any meat or fish - during warm weather without reminding the buyer to cool it thoroughly before opening.

For Tongue Sausage see sub-head in article on SAUSAGES.

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Tonka, or Tonqua, Bean

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