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The sense of taste varies far more widely than is generally supposed. The trained and delicate palate of the wine or tea sampler is not merely a matter of education - a primary requirement is a native possession of fine sensibilities of taste and smell - both are important, for many of the more delicate flavors appreciably affect both senses. When tasting wines or teas, the expert does not drink the liquor - instead, he passes it quickly and thoroughly around his mouth so that it may strike every part of its lining membrane, and then as quickly spits it out. Bad health, or any derangement, temporary or otherwise, of the stomach or other organs which come into connection with the nose or palate, limit the power of accurate taste. Cigar samplers, after tasting so many brands that their sense of taste is dulled, resort to a free use of strong coffee, which quickly refreshes it. See also reference to this subject in the article on BUTTER.

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