Tapioca -

Is made by heating the starch obtained from the roots of the MANIOC (which see). Under the action of the heat the starch grains burst and are converted into small irregular masses. This product, after thorough baking to remove all remaining moisture, is Flake Tapioca. Pearl Tapioca is that rolled into pellets before baking. The product is also marketed in various sizes of Granulated - listed as such, and also as "Manioca," etc. - and in pulverized or flour form.

In cooking, Tapioca becomes a translucent and highly nutritious jelly, largely retaining its raw shape, though in increased size. With appropriate additions, it makes excellent puddings, and it is also valuable for thickening soups.

Tapioca Crecy and Tapioca Julienne are artificial products of French preparation from potato starch, mixed with various vegetable substances. They are intended chiefly for use in soups, etc.

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