Tamarind -

An East Indian tree of the bean family which reaches a height of from thirty to forty feet, and is now cultivated in all tropical countries. The fruit, whose principal ripening season is during the months of June, July and August, consists of long thin shell-pods, dark brown when ripe, filled with an acrid-sweet, dark-colored pulp enclosing large, flat, hard seeds. The general method of treatment is to remove the shells and throw the pulp, together with the network of fibre which covers it, into kegs, usually of fifty pounds capacity, then fill with boiling syrup. The kegs without further preparation are shipped to various foreign markets, to be repacked by local dealers in stone jars, glasses, etc.

sugar Tamarinds is a higher grade packed in jars immediately after gathering, in alternate layers of fruit and sugar, and retaining much of the original color and taste.

Tamarinds serve as an excellent addition to chutneys, curries, etc., and some people enjoy them as a preserve. A pleasant laxative drink is prepared by mixing with either hot or cold water.

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