Slivovitz -

Is a liqueur prepared in Austria-Hungary, Germany, Poland and other European countries, from Damson plums. It takes its title from Sliva or Sljiva, the Servian name for the fruit. In manufacture, the plums and a liberal proportion of the ground kernels are first crushed and pressed, then starch-sugar is added to the juice and the mixture is allowed to ferment. Distillation gives the crude product, and clarifying processes complete the liqueur, but aging is required to develop its finer qualities. Its pleasing flavor is due largely to the plum kernels, which contain a considerable percentage of Amygdalin, the characteristic component of bitter almonds. The most highly esteemed product is that made in Syrmia, a country of East Slavonia (Austria-Hungary).

German "Slivovitz" is best known under the local title of Zwetschenwasser. The French Prune Cognac is of similar manufacture, but sweet plums are frequently employed in its preparation.

Imitation Slivovitz is made by flavoring spirits with prune juice and artificial oil of bitter almonds.

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