Shallot -

A vegetable of the Onion tribe, of stronger but more mellow flavor than the Common Onion, used for flavoring sauces, stews, etc.

The true Shallot ranges in size from a walnut to a small fig, is inclined to pear-shape and has a thick outer skin shading from reddish to grey, the bulb underneath being greenish at the base and violet on the upper portion. It grows in "clove" form, several cloves attached to a common disc.

The Jersey or False Shallot is of various shapes, frequently larger than the True Shallot, with thin red skin and bulb sometimes white but generally all violet.

New shallots reach the market about midsummer, but the chief sale is of the dried, which may be kept all the year. The young leaves are also used for seasoning

A common practice is the sale of small red onions as shallots.

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