Sapodilla -

The best known type of a noteworthy group of fruits of tropical America, which also includes the MAMMEE SAPOTA and the STAR APPLE, described elsewhere in this volume. The Sapodilla Tree, which furnishes the chicle converted into CHEWING GUM (which see), is of the same genus, and the main order embraces the "Miraculous Berry" of Western Africa, which takes its name from the extraordinary persistence of its sugary sweetness on the palate, and an Indian tree whose evaporated sap is esteemed as an edible jelly of raisin flavor.

The Sapodilla, or "Dilly," seen quite frequently in high class stores even in Northern States, looks from the outside like a cross between a potato and a russet apple - but the soft rough-grained pulp has a delicious flavor, either raw or cooked. Average-sized fruits generally contain two large seeds, but they vary in number from one to several. In the market, they are usually graded by size and shape, as large, medium and small; round, flat and long. They stand transportation well.

The "Wild Dilly" is much smaller and more on the berry style, but is also excellent in flavor.

The WHITE SAPOTA (which see) is a fruit of an entirely different order.

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