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That most useful article, the sandwich, which offers its advantages in hundreds of forms and in all grades and conditions of life - from the newsboy's lunch counter up to the most splendid "spread" - and which until the invention of the dining car was the chief, and often the only, mainstay and support of the traveler, was invented, though without premeditation, about the middle of the eighteenth century by the fourth Earl of Sandwich, and inveterate card player, who, in order that he might not lose a minute from the game, told a servant to bring in a slice of meat between two pieces of bread, so that he could eat it without either knife, fork or plate while he continued to play. The pleasing flavor and convenience of the combination resulted in his repeating the order both for himself and his friends. The idea spread from house to house, dubbed a "sandwich" from the name of its inventor, and as such it is still enjoyed in all countries and climes.

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