Rivesaltes Wines

Rivesaltes Wines -

A general title, from the name of the city of Rivesaltes, for the output of the Pyrenées-Orientales department of Southern France. They are similar in character, and in some cases identical in title, with the Spanish wines produced on the other side of the Pyrenees. The types best known in this country are the liqueur, or dessert, wines, the choicer grades being highly esteemed. The principal varieties are Muscat, Maccabeo, Malvoisie and Rancio.

wine">Muscat is made from very sweet grapes which have been ripened almost to the raisin point, either on the vines or by exposure after cutting. During the first twelve months it has the appearance of syrup rather than wine, but the second and third years produce a delightful bouquet and flavor. It should be consumed before the tenth year, as after that time it generally loses much of its characteristic perfume.

wine, malvoisie wine, rancio wine">Maccabeo, Malvoisie (Malmsey) and Rancio are sweet wines of port style.

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