Rheingau Wines

Rheingau Wines -

Johannisberger is probably entitled to first place among the many elegant Rheingau wines. Some vintages, such as that of Schloss Johannisberger Cabinet 1893, are extremely expensive. The finest are those known as Schloss Johannisberger. The cheaper grades are called Dorf.

Other excellent varieties are: Steinberger, from vineyards near Wiesbaden, the most famous being "Steinberger Cabinet"; Laubenheimer, Macrobrunner, Rudesheimer, Geisenheimer, Hochheimer, Hattenheimer, Rauenthaler, Bodenheimer, etc. Hochheimer is produced in a district bordering on the Main, some miles above its junction with the Rhine, but it is usually classed with the Rheingau products.

Mention is here made only of wines which are generally exported. Some are unobtainable commercially, being reserved for private consumption and held at practically prohibitive figures. As an example may be mentioned the Hattenheimer Mannberg Beeren Auslese, 1893, usually unobtainable but of which private sales have occasionally been made at the rate of $10.00 to $20.00 a bottle. Such wines represent the carefully matured product of hand-assorted grapes of good years of selected vines, grown in vineyards of favored locations.

White Rhine Wines improve with age, some private vintages being a hundred, or more, years old. They are, however, usually recorked every ten years, as otherwise the cork is liable to rot and spoil the wine.

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