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It is poor economy to try to get along with an old or inferior refrigerator. Inadequate or inferior cooling equipment is very expensive - for it means both loss by the spoiling of foods and damage to the reputation of a store. Nothing renders customers more suspicious of a grocery store and its stock than butter which smells "queer" - and many other items are equally susceptible. The butter may be perfectly wholesome and the foreign odor merely a taint borrowed from some other article in the refrigerator, but the storekeeper gets the worst of the doubt every time. And, again, the suspicion may be justified, for a poor refrigerator is liable to damage more than it saves.

The main points to be looked for in choosing a refrigerator are:

  • (1) The most complete general insulation possible - so that the ice is not wasted.
  • (2) Thorough internal circulation of dry air - which is essential to the proper keeping of foods.
  • (3) Correct inside arrangement and insulation - so that the odor of one thing does not permeate the other.
  • (4) Convenience of arrangement - compartments, shelves, etc., to suit the business.
  • (5) Sufficient space - for it is expensive parsimony to purchase a refrigerator so small that a little extra stock will over-crowd it.
  • (6) Neatness of appearance - to make a good impression on your customer.


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