Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney -

Is a writing, under seal, giving authority to the person named to act in the stead of the maker of the document. The document may cover only a single act, as to sell a single piece of property or collect a single debt, or it may give authority to conduct or manage an entire business. The first would be a special, and the latter a general, Power of Attorney.

The act of the attorney binds the principal, when done within the limit of time and authority set forth in the Power of Attorney, and the attorney is not liable himself to third parties if he acts, in such cases, in the name of his principal.

Persons under age cannot appoint attorneys, but they may act as attorneys for others.

A power thus given may be revoked at any time, and always expires at death, except in cases where the attorney holds a personal interest in the matter, as in the authority to transfer or sell stocks to cover a debt due him by the principal.

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