Potted, and Deviled, Meats

Potted, and Deviled, Meats -

Are meats minced to the consistence of paste and seasoned, put up in cans and jars. The "plain potted" should retain the natural flavor of the meat. The "deviled" are made very hot to the palate by a greater proportion of peppers and spices. The most popular types are those prepared from ham, chicken, turkey, tongue and beef, and various combinations such as ham and chicken, ham and tongue, etc. Other items which find favor but which are in less demand are anchovy, herring, game, rabbit, etc. In the cheaper varieties, pork in the proportion of one-quarter to one-half is generally added to the "character" ingredient.

Potted meats are especially suitable for sandwiches and are very serviceable for buffet lunches, camping parties, picnics and similar occasions.

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