Pomegranate -

(see Color Page opposite): a tree native to Persia, but introduced into Europe at a very early date and now flourishing in all sub-tropical countries of both hemispheres.

The fruit, which follows showy orange-red waxy flowers, is about the size of a large orange, with thick leathery rind of brownish or reddish yellow. The interior consists of a delicate sweet or sub-acid reddish pulp enclosing a number of white or purplish-white seeds, giving the appearance of a mass of reddish berries. It is cooling to the palate, and therefore especially pleasing in warm climates, and it lends itself readily to the preparation of summer beverages. Scented with rose water, the juice forms one of the most delicious sherbets of the Levant. Fermented, it serves as the basis of several Persian wines.

Pomegranate Syrup is a popular fruit-Syrup, generally known as "Grenadine Syrup" - an adaptation of Grenade, the French name of the fruit.

The seeds possess considerable medicinal value but they are not pleasant in flavor, so if for any purpose they are removed from the pulp, by pressing through a sieve or otherwise, care must be exercised to avoid crushing them into the fruit.

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