Artificial and Imitation Flower Essences

Artificial and Imitation Flower Essences -

Are variously obtained. Some of them - as Carnation, Clover, Heliotrope, Lilac, Rose, Sassafrass, Vanillin, Verbena, Violet - are successfully produced, in whole or in part, from other vegetable essential oils. Carnation and Vanillin are both made from eugenol, derived from oil of cloves. Safrol, extracted from essential oil of camphor, gives Heliotropine, the basis of Artificial Heliotrope, and is also sold as Artificial Sassafras Oil. Violet is formed by a combination which includes citral extracted from the East Indian Lemon Grass - which also furnishes an odor closely resembling Verbena and marketed as such. Terpineol, obtained by the action of sulphuric acid on turpentine oil, supplies a strong Lilac odor. Geraniol from the Palma Rosa, an East Indian grass of the geranium order, and Rhodinol, the alcoholic portion of true geranium oil, are the source of the Rose scent of many cheap soaps and perfumes. Amyl Salicylate, produced by treatment of amyl alcohol (see EXTRACTS) and salicylic acid, gives a pleasing Clover odor which is similarly employed.

Coal tar is the most prolific of all sources of artificial perfumes. They are obtained from its numerous products in great variety - some closely imitate the expensive natural essences; others have won popularity as delightful odors not met with in flowers. Many are obtainable at such low cost that they have revolutionized some branches of the perfumery and soap trades. Among the most widely employed are Artificial Musk; the Orange-blossom perfume from naphthol ethers; benzaldehyde or Artificial Oil of Bitter Almonds, and Benzyl acetate, which gives a coarse but pleasing odor resembling Jasmine.

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