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Long Pepper -

Is chiefly derived from wild plants of the genus Chavica Miq. The fruit spikes, gathered when green, are cylindrical in form and covered with closely packed, small round berries. The product is crudely prepared, the berries hardened together and adhering to the woody stem, and generally including a large quantity of dirt and other extraneous matter. It does not possess the fine flavor or strength of true pepper and its addition is rated as adulteration. Its principal use is for pickles.

Red pepper, Cayenne pepper, PAPRIKA. Red pepper is the powdered ripe pod, both flesh and seeds, of any variety of Capsicum, the plant which gives us the edible fresh "pepper" but which bears no relation to the true pepper-plant. The most noted varieties are the Capsicum baccatum, Capsicum frutescens and Capsicum fastigiatum, all distinguished by very small narrow pods - varying from one-half to one and one-half inch in length - cultivated in the East and West Indies, Mexico and the Southern States.

Cayenne pepper is, by the ruling of the Board of Food and Drug Inspection, 1906, distinguished from Red pepper in general as being obtained only from small-fruited varieties of Capsicum - the three types named above or similar varieties. It should be of dull red color. The best known commercial varieties are Zanzibar, Mombassa, Sierra Leone and Japan, the last-named being less pungent than the others.

"Nepaul pepper," from a Capsicum grown in Nepaul, India, is a choice variety of Cayenne pepper, yellowish-red and very pungent but of especially agreeable flavor.

U. S. Standard Cayenne pepper is Cayenne pepper containing not less than 15% of non-volatile ether extract; not more than 6.5% of total ash; not more than .5% of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid; not more than 1.5% of starch by the diastase method, and not more than 28% of crude fibre.

Cayenne is a powerful stimulant, producing a sense of heat in the stomach and a general glow throughout the body without narcotic effect. In small amounts it is an aid to digestion, particularly of vegetables, which partly accounts for its general use in warm weather.

PAPRIKA (which see) is a Hungarian red pepper made from the flesh only of a variety of Common Capsicum.

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