White Pepper

White Pepper -

Is practically the same product as Black pepper except that the outer shell or pericarp of the berry is removed to a greater or less extent by friction, following soaking in water. It is sometimes made at the plantations, but just as frequently by manufacturers who buy the peppercorns in open market. Some manufacturers prefer, for White pepper, berries that have been allowed to ripen before picking as they are more easily decorticated, but this is not an universal rule.

Decorticated White pepper is the term applied to the product which, in addition to losing the outer dark shell, has also had the seed-coats partly or entirely removed. There are numerous qualities according to the length to which the process has been carried. The most expensive is that from which all three seed-coats have been removed, producing smooth, hard, pearly kernels. Other grades retain one or two seed-coats.

There are several varieties of White pepper on the market, corresponding in a general way with Black pepper, such as Singapore, Penang, Tellicherry, Siam, etc.

Coriander White pepper is a product of especially attractive appearance - screened to uniform size and then bleached.

pepper Shells is the by-product of external shell or cuticle obtained in the manufacture of White pepper.

U. S. Standard White pepper is white pepper containing not less than 6% of non-volatile ether extract; not less than 50% of starch by the diastase method; not less than 40% of starch by direct inversion; not more than 4% of total ash; not more than .5% of ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid, and not more than 5% of crude fibre. One hundred parts of the non-volatile ether extract contain not less than 4 parts of nitrogen.

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