Evaporated Green and Split Ripe Peas

Evaporated Green and Split Ripe Peas -

During the last few years the market has taken an increasing quantity of evaporated green peas, both whole and "split," domestic and imported. They are sold at much lower prices than the canned goods and they make a very pleasing dish. The peas after hulling are steamed, then slowly dried in the evaporator by a current of warm air not above 162° Fahr., and finally screened and graded by size. The smallest, being the most savory, bring the highest prices.

There is also a fair consumption of the ripe pea, hulled and "split," but it merits much wider appreciation. Its food value is very high (see article on FOOD VALUES). In Europe, it is as largely consumed as the dried bean.

When preparing dried or evaporated peas for the table, they should be soaked in cold water for eight or ten hours, during which they will resume their normal size and moisture. The subsequent boiling should be long and slow to make them easily digestible, but they are well worth the trouble.

Pea, or Pease, Soup is especially agreeable to the palate if a little meat - fresh-beef, ham or salt pork, etc. - is boiled in it.

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