Paraffin -

A whitish waxy substance, tasteless and almost odorless, obtained as a by-product in the refining of petroleum. It is employed in a great many trades and professions, its uses being almost innumerable. It is best known to the average person as an easy and efficient sealer of preserve jars, as a substitute for wax in ironing and for other purposes in the family laundry, for waxing floors, etc. It is employed in creameries to coat the inside of wooden butter packages; by pickle makers for similar treatment of barrels, kegs, etc.; by packers for coating hams, etc., and in the manufacture of candles, etc.

For the sealing of preserve glasses and bottles, Paraffin is simply melted and poured on top of the preserve - it forms a cake which makes an air-tight seal with no further labor to the housewife. This use has become very popular.

Paraffin must not be kept near steam pipes or radiators, or in the sun. See also WAXED PAPER.

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