Oyster Plant

Oyster Plant -

A vegetable, native to Europe and now generally grown in this country, chiefly for its long and tapering root, which is white and fleshy in texture and contains a large proportion of milky-white juice. It owes its name to its resemblance in flavor, when cooked, to that of the oyster. There are two main varieties, the "White" and the "Black," distinguished by the color of the outside skin, the meat of both types being white. The Black Salsify is also known as Scorzonera. The best market season is during July and August, the home supply being supplemented by imports from Europe, principally from Belgium and Germany.

Oyster Plant is prepared in various ways - half-boiled and grated fine, made into small flat balls, dipped in a batter and fried like oysters - or stewed like carrots, etc.

The young flower stalks, if cut in the spring of the second year, may be dressed and served like asparagus, which they resemble in flavor. The white part of the stalk and the young top leaves, if well bleached, make an excellent salad.

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