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When the summer approaches it is well for the retailer to bear in mind that "outing supplies" afford liberal profits. If a dealer proves himself expert in furnishing needed outfits, packing in a superior manner, etc., the information spreads rapidly among customers, for a judiciously selected and arranged supply of good things to eat is equally important whether the buyers merely intend to spend the day in a city park or are going further afield.

Among the many articles that may be appropriately suggested for any occasion are: crackers and sweet biscuits; cheese, of the types easily handled; pickles, olives, candy, etc., and canned goods such as salmon, sardines, tongue, devilled meats, boned game and poultry, condensed milk, fruits, etc.

Camping parties offer a still wider range of possibilities, for the supplies should also include sugar, tea, coffee, salt and pepper; butter of the very best quality, in screw-top glass jars; pilot bread for chowder or to use with the early cup of coffee; toilet soap and a bar of laundry soap, matches, etc. These are only sample suggestions, for there are scores of other articles in a grocer's stock that may be included.

Worthy of consideration also are the numerous "camp kits" composed of collapsible articles that occupy little space and enhance the comfort of a camping party. Included are usually found various cooking utensils and a stove, the whole fitting closely together and capable of being packed in a big boiling pot or fitted into a box that may be slung over the shoulder. A wisely selected kit will include a stove, kettle, frying pan, gridiron, coffee pot, a few canisters and pepper and salt boxes.

As individual items, are collapsible chafing dishes and picnic baskets of various kinds and sizes.

In many places it pays to advertise in local papers a readiness to meet all demands for outing supplies; to send special circulars to customers, and to scatter advertising matter throughout the district.

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