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There are two principal varieties of the fish known as Mullet - the Red and the Grey or "Striped." The former, so named for the coppery color of the upper part of its body, is found most plentifully in the Indo-Pacific, but also to some extent in Europe, where it is so highly considered for its firm, lean and delicious flesh that it brings high prices. It has indeed always been esteemed one of the epicure's greatest luxuries - in ancient Rome it was held in the most extravagant regard among wealthy patricians, good-sized specimens frequently fetching the value of their weight in gold.

The Grey Mullet, with upper body of grey or greenish hue, is less delicate in flavor and larger in size, averaging from five to six pounds market weight and reaching ten to twelve on maturity. In this country it is found on the Atlantic Coast and is in season from June to October.

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