Mineral Waters

Mineral Waters -

Are waters which contain unusually large quantities of the ordinary mineral ingredients, or contain minerals not generally found in ordinary water. They are roughly divided into "table" and "medicinal," but the division is not exact, as many of the milder and more delicate types are used for both purposes.

Table mineral waters are those which have little or no pronounced flavor and are only sufficiently alkaline to counteract to a certain extent the acids of wines, etc. Among the best known are Apollinaris, CLYSMIC, Poland Spring, PERRIER, WHITE ROCK, etc. A greater proportion of mineral ingredients detracts from the palatable flavor of the water and also renders it unsuitable for mixing with wines, as it gives the beverage a "flat" taste.

Table mineral waters generally constitute an especially satisfactory line for retail grocers, both in margin of profit and because they draw a good class of trade. They are easy to handle if kept in a cool place and laid on their sides.

Medicinal mineral waters are those employed in the treatment of various disorders and diseases. They have been used as remedial agents from a very early period - the old Greek physicians had great faith in their curative powers, and the temples erected to Aesculapius were usually in close proximity to mineral springs. They may be generally classed as Alkaline-Saline Carlsbad, Marienbad, etc.; Alkaline, Vichy, etc.; Muriated, Saratoga, KISSINGEN, etc.; Muriated Alkaline, Selters, etc.; Lithia; "Bitter," Pullna, etc. (named from the flavors of their chief ingredients, sulphates of soda and magnesia), Chalybeate (containing iron) and Earthy (bicarbonates of lime and magnesia predominating).

The medical qualities of various mineral waters are undeniable - plainly so in the case of purgative waters and those containing lithia and iron - but the apparent efficacy of many kinds is attributable chiefly to the fact that in "taking the waters," visitors to the "springs" are drinking large quantities of innocuous liquid - stimulated to its free use by the example of others, local medical advice, etc. The result is frequently a very desirable improvement in physical condition, but the same purpose might have been achieved at home by the consumption of an equal quantity of ordinary pure water!

Artificial mineral waters are, if properly made, chemically correct reproductions of the waters whose names they bear. If from a first-class house they can be fully recommended, but it is wise to avoid dealing with irresponsible "mineral water" concerns, for their product is too often a fraud on both dealer and consumer.

The following list names the sources and principal ingredients of a majority of the best known waters, both table and medicinal:

water">AIX-LA-CHAPELLE, from warm springs at Aix-la-Chapelle, Prussia. Contains a considerable percentage of common salt and other sodium salts and Sulphur.

water">AIX-LES-BAINS, from warm springs at Aix-les-Bains, Savoy, France. Contains magnesium, calcium and sodium (sulphates and carbonates). Employed externally for skin diseases, gout, rheumatism, etc.

Apenta water">Apenta, an aperient water from the Apenta Springs, near Budapest, Hungary. Its principal constituents are sulphates of magnesia and soda. Sold both sparkling and still.

Apollinaris water">Apollinaris, an effervescent table water from the Apollinaris Spring, Ahr Valley, Rhenish Prussia. Drawn from a rocky source at a depth of 50 feet.

water">BALLSTON SPA, from Ballston, N. Y. An effervescent water, tonic and cathartic, containing common salt and carbonates of magnesium and calcium.

Bear-Lithia water">Bear-Lithia, from Bear-Lithia Springs, Va. Contains carbonates of calcium and magnesium, etc. Used both as a table water and in the treatment of kidney trouble.

BETHESDA water">BETHESDA, from Waukesha, Wis. Effervescent and mildly impregnated. Used as a table water and as a diuretic.

Blue lick water">Blue LICK, from Blue Lick Springs, Ky. Contains Sulphur and salt and possesses cathartic properties.

water">BOKERT, from Bokert Springs, De Soto County, Missouri. Used in the treatment of kidney trouble.

Buffalo Lithia water">Buffalo Lithia, from Buffalo Lithia Springs, Va. Contains sulphuric anhydride, lithia, etc. Used in the treatment of digestive and kidney disorders, etc.

Carlsbad water">Carlsbad, from warm springs in Carlsbad, Bohemia. Sulphated and strongly charged with carbon-dioxide. Employed for rheumatism, gout, etc.

CLYSMIC water">CLYSMIC, from Waukesha, Wis. A sparkling table water of which calcium carbonate is the chief ingredient. Also used as a diuretic.

water">CONTREXéVILLE, from Contrexéville, France. A light mineralized water, containing sodium, magnesium and calcium. Used as a laxative and diuretic.

FRIEDRICHSHALL water">FRIEDRICHSHALL, from Saxony, Germany. Contains sodium, magnesium and calcium. Used as a tonic and mild purgative.

water">HATHORN. See Saratoga.

water">HUNYADI JáNOS, from Budapest, Hungary. Contains sodium and magnesium sulphates and possesses cathartic properties.

lithia water">JOHANNIS-LITHIA, from Zollhaus, Rhenish Prussia. Contains an average of two grains of lithia to a quart. Used in the treatment of kidney disorders, etc.

KISSINGEN water">KISSINGEN, from Kissengen, Bavaria. A slightly laxative water used for disorders of the liver and the alimentary canal.

lithia water">LONDONDERRY-LITHIA, from Londonderry Lithia Springs, N. H. Used as a table water and in the treatment of kidney troubles. Sold both sparkling and still.

water">MANITOU, from Manitou Springs, Colo. Impregnated with alkalies and iron. Used as a tonic and cathartic.

Marienbad water">Marienbad, from Marienbad, Bohemia. Used in the same way as Carlsbad.

PERRIER water">PERRIER, an effervescent table water from springs near Vergaze, in the south of France.

water">POLAND SPRING, from South Poland, Me. Only slightly mineral. Used as a table water and as a diuretic.

water">PULLNA, a strongly purgative Bohemian water.

water">RHENS, an effervescent, mildly alkaline table water from Rhens-on-the-Rhine.

water">RICHFIELD SPRINGS, from Richfield Springs, N. Y. Contains Sulphur and is used in the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism, etc.

water">RUBINAT-CONDAL, from the Spanish Pyrenees. The principal ingredient is sodium, with minor quantities of magnesium and calcium. Used as an aperient.

water">SARATOGA, a general name for a number of waters from Saratoga Springs, N. Y., including Hathorn, etc., some used for tonic and others for laxative purposes.

water" synonym2="selters water">SELTERS or SELTZER, from Nieder-Selters, Prussia. Contains chiefly common salt and smaller quantities of carbonates of magnesium, calcium and sodium.

water">SHARON SPRINGS, from Sharon Springs, N. Y. A Sulphur water used for the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatism, etc.

water">ST. GALMIER, an effervescent table water form St. Galmier, Canton of Loire, France. The principal mineral ingredients are sodium and calcium.

TAUNUS SPRING water">TAUNUS SPRING. Sometimes used as a class name for a number of mineral waters from the Taunus Mountains, Germany, including Ems, Wiesbaden, Selters, etc.

Teplitz water">Teplitz, from warm springs at Teplitz, Austria. The most noteworthy principle is carbonate of sodium, with traces of magnesium and iron.

water">VALS, from Vals, France. Contains sodium, calcium and magnesium. Used in the treatment of dyspepsia and skin diseases and as a diuretic.

Vichy water">Vichy, from warm springs in Vichy, France. Contains sodium, potassium and calcium, etc., and minute quantities of arsenic and iron. Used in the treatment of rheumatism, kidney and intestinal disorders, etc.

Vittel water">Vittel, from Vittel, France. Used both as a medicinal water and for special baths. There are three main springs - the water of La Grande Source is used as a diuretic; that of Marie, as a purgative, and of Des Demoiselles, as a tonic.

Sulphur springs water">WHITE Sulphur SPRINGS, from White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. A Sulphur water employed in the treatment of skin diseases, catarrhal disorders of the digestion, etc.

Wiesbaden water">Wiesbaden, from warm springs in Wiesbaden, Prussia. Contains a considerable percentage of saline matter and is employed for skin diseases, gout, etc.

Sulphur springs water">YELLOW Sulphur SPRINGS, from Yellow Sulphur Springs, Va. A cathartic water containing lime salts and sulphates.

WHITE ROCK water">WHITE ROCK, an effervescent table water from Waukesha, Wis.

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