Imported and Winter Melons

Imported and Winter Melons -

Among the "fancy" varieties of melons sold in the East are the:

"Golden" or "Egyptian" melon - imported from Egypt and received usually during the months of November, December and January. It weighs from ten to twenty pounds and is shaped like a long, narrow watermelon but has a yellow skin and flesh somewhat like that of a Rocky Ford cantaloupe.

Spanish melon - imported generally from November to February, principally from the West Indies. It weighs from five to ten pounds and is rather more oval than round, the skin dark-green with bronze marks and the flesh yellow and very sweet.

French melon - imported from June to September. It is shorter and broader than the Egyptian melon, weighing up to seven pounds, the skin rather heavily ribbed and netted like a nutmeg melon, with yellowish flesh.

Canadian melon - received from August to the end of October. It is similar to the French melon, but weighing up to ten pounds, and the flesh varying from green to yellow. The choicest are grown in the vicinity of Montreal, their delicacy being attributed to special soil characteristics.

California melon - in season from December 1 to the middle of January. It is similar to the Canadian melon and of about the same size. The inside flesh is generally a light green.

English Queen - a hot-house variety from England, weighing up to seven pounds, the skin netted and both skin and flesh yellowish.

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