Lime Juice

Lime Juice -

In which form the lime is best known to the general public, is put up in bottles of attractive appearance and makes a desirable article for all fancy grocers. The best qualities come from Dominica and Montserrat, West Indies. Besides making a delicious beverage, it has been for a long time recognized as a useful medicinal agent, almost identical in composition with LEMON JUICE (which see).

The color of good sound lime juice should be a very pale straw - if it tends toward red, the product should not be accepted at first-class prices. It is advisable to select only guaranteed brands, as a considerable percentage of the commercial supply consists of juice pressed from fruits in all sorts of conditions. The juice is offered in this market as low as twenty cents a gallon, and though this may possess good appearance and flavor when fresh, it is liable to acquire a moldy flavor in a year or two, and, if the bottles are not hermetically sealed, it will finally turn red.

Low grade varieties also frequently contain preservatives and artificial coloring matter.

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