Lentil -

A nutritive legume, the pods containing each three or four seeds of similar circumference to the ordinary pea, but flat and thin in shape. On analysis it shows an average composition of Starch 50 1/2%, Albuminoid material 30%, Sugar 3 1/2%, and Moisture, etc., 16%. Large quantities are consumed in Europe in the form of soups and stews, much of the supply being imported from Egypt, and it is steadily growing in favor in this country.

For soups, the tough outer skin is, after boiling, removed by straining, and meats are added as a flavor.

A considerable proportion of the present domestic supply of lentils is still imported, but it is probable that the near future will see the market fully supplied by growers in the Southwest sections.

Revalenta Arabica, which has been sold as a dyspeptic food, consists of lentil meal, and the lentil probably formed the "red pottage" for which hungry Esau sold his birthright.

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