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Lemon Extract -

First class lemon extract consists of lemon oil (which see) distilled in strong alcohol, or lemon oil and lemon peel macerated in alcohol, filtered and bottled. In the former case, the extract is generally colored by the addition of a small amount of yellow coloring removed from the lemon peel used.

Terpeneless lemon extract is made from terpeneless lemon oil, i. e., by lemon oil from which the terpene or hydro-carbon components have been extracted. The claim is made that the terpene, which constitutes the major portion of lemon oil, is of little importance as regards flavor and odor and is in many respects undesirable, as extracts prepared from oil containing it are liable to acquire an unpleasant odor with age and exposure to the air because of its oxidation products. Terpeneless oil has the additional advantage that it is to a greater extent miscible with water solutions than the unmodified oil.

The characteristic odor and flavor of lemon oil, both unmodified and terpeneless - and hence also of lemon extract - are due chiefly to the citral contained, together with some citronella and a small quantity of other related bodies.

Many of the cheaper "lemon extracts" are merely weak washes made by shaking unmodified lemon oil in diluted alcohol, about 25% to 30% pure, and then removing the oil which separates. Such extract may smell fairly good in the bottle, but it is of little value in flavoring articles to be cooked, for when alcohol falls below 40% in volume it will take up only a very small percentage of the unmodified lemon oil.

Imitation lemon extract is largely made from oil of lemon grass, a grass-like plant, widely cultivated, especially in India and Ceylon, which has an agreeable smell and a warm, bitter, pleasing flavor.

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