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Every year improves the grade of the labels on all kinds of food and other grocery items, and by judicious purchases of suitable packages and good arrangement on the shelves, the appearance of a store can be very much improved. Some standard goods are put up under very plain labels, generally the original designs under which they were first sold, but poor labels, and especially those of slovenly appearance, generally indicate equal neglect in preparing the contents.

A dealer who desires to build up a lasting trade should never allow a misleading label to bear the name of his establishment - if it is not "Pure Maple syrup," be wise and honest at the same time and label it "Prime syrup - Maple Flavor." Loud colors and flashy designs offend the best buyers, and with the present facilities for color-printing and good artistic designs there is no excuse for a label less creditable than the article which it covers. The American Grocer says: "Some manufacturers have taken a very brave and commendable stand in this matter by so defining their products that the exact character is indicated on the label. When, for instance, honeycomb has been put up in jars with corn syrup, the fact of its presence and the reason therefor has been stated on the package. Where a preservative has been used, this has been indicated. Such a course clears the atmosphere and begets confidence all around."

Experience teaches that consumers are quick to decide whether an article is wholesome or not, and if the exact nature of a food product is defined, a conclusion is much sooner reached than if its true character is concealed. A manufacturer should not be required to disclose formulas, and it is a question whether he should be obliged to make known the character of special products, if they are not prejudicial to health; but so long as there are questions in dispute, the easiest way and best way is to be frank with the public and to win confidence by plainly stating on the label the true character of the product.

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