Kanten -

Prepared in great quantities in Japan from the Gelidium family of seaweed. It is pearly white, semitransparent, tasteless and odorless and is marketed in stick and block form - "Slender Kanten" and "Square Kanten." On analysis, it shows about 60% carbohydrates and 7% protein (see FOOD VALUES.)

Kanten is used by the Japanese in the preparation of jellies, soups, etc., and for clarifying Saki or Rice Spirit. The two to three million pounds which are annually exported to this country and Europe are employed in the manufacture of food products - to thicken jams, jellies, ice cream, etc. - in gin distilleries, and in the textile, silk and other industries. Under the name of Agar Agar it is used in making culture media in bacteriological work.

Bengal isinglass, Ceylon Moss and Chinese Moss are similar, related products.

Gelidium seaweed grows abundantly on the Pacific Coast of the United States and at some points along the Atlantic, and apparently offers a good opportunity for the manufacture of domestic vegetable isinglass.

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