Impure and Poor Ice

Impure and Poor Ice -

It is incumbent upon municipalities and individuals to protect themselves against the sale of ice, whether natural or artificial, produced from contaminated water, as under certain conditions it may prove most unwholesome. The increase in population and the growth of manufacturing industries has so extended the pollution of lakes, rivers, etc., that in the larger towns and cities the consumption of local natural ice is often fraught with considerable danger. The use of artificial ice from water which has undergone thorough preliminary purification is then the only safe recourse, unless natural ice from unpolluted sources can be profitably imported.

Ice should always be thoroughly washed before placing in the refrigerator, both for hygienic reasons and to avoid clogging the pipes.

Cheap ice, like most "bargains," is very wasteful. Clear, hard, non-porous ice lasts longer and is cheaper in the end. For its economical use, good insulation in the construction of REFRIGERATORS and cooling rooms is essential (see REFRIGERATORS). The color of pure ice is deep blue, but this is only discernible when it is seem in large quantities, as in glaciers.

See also article on COLD STORAGE.

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