Hungarian and Austrian Wines

Hungarian and Austrian Wines -

Hungarian wines hold high reputation for their tonic qualities, as they contain an unusually large proportion of iron. The most famous of all is Tokay (which see).

Szamorodni is a noteworthy soft, full, white wine made from the same grapes as Tokay, but without the selection, or addition, of vine-ripened berries.

Among other good varieties are Ruszti or Ruster, also of Tokay type; the red and white types of Méneser, Villanyi and Ofen, or Ofner, Adelsberger; the red Budai, Egri and Szegszarder; the white Magyaráter, Nesmélyer, Badacsonyer, Pesti and Somlauer; Karlowitzer, of Port style; several Muscats; Hungarian Vermouth and a number of Croatian wines.

Austrian wines resemble Hungarian in general character. The best known are divers Muscats; Gumpoldslkirchner, of Sauternes style; Luttenberger, rich and syrupy; Voslauer, red and white, and several varieties from Dalmatia - among them the sweet Maraschino (made from the grape of that name and having no connection with Maraschino, the liqueur) and aromatic Muscats.

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