Horse Radish

Horse Radish -

A plant allied to the nasturtium or cress family, naturalized in many temperate countries. It is grown for its white, fleshy, very pungent roots, which are generally grated and mixed with vinegar for use as a condiment with oysters, meat, etc.

Grated Horse Radish is best when freshest - if exposed to heat and air, it rapidly loses its pungent characteristics. Jars and bottles in which it is put up should be hermetically sealed. When used without vinegar, it is best grated just before serving.

Horse Radish Sauce is made by placing the sliced root in a bottle or similar receptacle and covering with alcohol. The sauce can be used without any other addition than a little fresh mustard and a little red pepper, or may be added drop by drop to any white sauce until the desired flavor is obtained.

Horse Radish vinegar is the grated root, together with a small quantity of shallots, onions or garlic, red pepper, etc., steeped for a week or so in vinegar, and then strained and bottled.

Horse Radish Powder is prepared by grinding the grated root, and drying by gentle heat or exposure to a current of dry air. When grinding the root, it is advisable to use a meat chopper in order to save the eyes!

Prepared Horse Radish of any kind should always be kept in a dark, cool place.

The roots may be left in the ground over winter and dug as needed. If dug, they may be kept fresh for some time by burying in cool sand.

An excellent winter salad may be obtained by sprouting the roots. If they are dug in the late autumn, the crowns being left intact, and then buried upright in moist but not wet, earth in a dark, warm cellar, the leaves will grow white and tender and of a sweet pungency. They should be cut when about three or four inches long and may be used singly or mixed with other plant salads. Darkness during growth is essential, as if exposed to the light the leaves grow green and tough and too strong in flavor.

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