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A class name for a large family of small game animals, including all of the Leporidae except the rabbit. There are from thirty to forty different varieties, including the "Common Hare," Polar Hare, Marsh Hare, Mountain Hare, etc., a number of them native to North America.

The Hare is generally bigger than the rabbit, with longer ears and feet and wider muzzle. The common European type averages larger than the American and has still longer ears, feet and hind legs. Some varieties of the Hare and rabbit are very similar in appearance, but the division is a natural one and the two types can always be distinguished by their young - those of the Hare are born highly developed with full coats of fur and their eyes open; those of the rabbit are born blind, naked and helpless.

The most common type of American Hare is known in many sections as the "Jack-rabbit." It has always been a more or less popular article of game food, eaten fresh, but it is not as a rule sufficiently plentiful to encourage commercial packing.

The Belgian Hare is a large variety of RABBIT (which see).

The points given for the selection of rabbits apply equally to hares.

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