Grape Juice

Grape Juice -

Pure grape juice is simply the expressed juice of the fruit, carefully filtered and promptly sterilized to prevent fermentation. Its principal components are grape sugar and small quantities of albuminoids, potassium tartrate and tartaric and other acids.

grape juice can be easily made at home. Press the grapes, heat the juice to not under 170° Fahr. nor over 190° Fahr. in any form of a double boiler, settle for twenty-four hours, bottle carefully, and then heat the filled bottles by immersing them to their necks in hot water and gradually increasing the heat until they are nearly at the boiling point. Then cork and seal or paraffin the tops.

Careful filtration will improve the appearance of the product.

The color of the grape juice thus secured will nearly always be white or yellowish instead of the purplish red of the greater part of the commercial product, as there are only a few grapes which have pink or red juice. The red color can be obtained by pouring the hot juice, before the final immersion, into a receptable containing the skins of red grapes - almost any shade of red may be thus secured, according to the variety of grape used and the length of time the juice is allowed to remain on the skins. This process also adds other substances, chiefly tannin, to the product, the advantage or disadvantage of which depends upon individual tastes - the result more closely resembles ordinary sweet red wine, though it is still non-alcoholic.

As many people find grape juice too sweet, it is often better enjoyed when served diluted with water - either plain or carbonated.

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