Grape Fruit

Grape Fruit -

(Color Pate opp. 282). The Spaniards introduced the Pomelo into Florida, but recognition of its value was deferred for a long time, partly because its peculiarity of flavor was not at first acceptable to the American palate, and partly because of lack of care in its culture and poor judgment in marketing. Now, however, it has conquered the market completely, both North and South, and is to-day the prime favorite, though the highest-priced, of breakfast fruits.

The species of the citrus family to which the Grape Fruit or "Pomelo" belongs, includes also the Shaddock, which it supplanted in the general markets. The Pomelo obtained its present name of "Grape Fruit" because of the clustering, grape-like groups in which most varieties grow.

Going further back, the name Pomelo comes from the Dutch Pompelmoes, and Shaddock from Captain Shaddock, who first carried it into the West Indies. To the Shaddock belongs the variety known in Europe as the "Forbidden Fruit."

Grape Fruit is often misjudged because of a mistaken but rather widespread habit of eating it before it is ripe - it should be allowed to mature just as fully as any other fruit. Most varieties do not attain their full richness until December - and from then on, through April and even into May, they are generally found at their best.

The Grape Fruit does not contain as much citric acid as the lemon, but it is decidedly antiscorbutic, and possesses some of the bitter tonic quality of cinchona. To obtain its full medicinal value, it should be eaten without wine or sugar, but the addition of either, or both, makes it very delicious.

The present supply comes principally from Florida, California and the West Indies. Increasing quantites are imported each season from Porto Rico.

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