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Is a technical name given to a group of sugars found in fruit, honey, etc. The most important examples are Dextrose and Levulose, frequently called "grape sugar" and "fruit Sugar," respectively. Invert Sugar, formed by the action of acid, digestive juices, heat, etc., on Sucrose - the technical name for the ordinary "Sugar" of general use, commercially extracted from Sugar cane, Sugar beets, etc. - is a mixture of equal parts of Dextrose and Levulose, the best natural example being found in honey, which consists of from 50% to 90% of Invert Sugar.

The principal forms in which "Glucose Sugars" occur as the result of commercial manufacture are: Commercial Glucose, also known as Corn Syrup, Starch Syrup, Liquid Glucose, Confectioners' Glucose, etc., and Commercial Dextrose, or Starch Sugar, Corn Sugar, etc.

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