Ghee -

A sort of butter used by the natives of India, prepared generally from buffalo milk. The milk is boiled in large earthen pots for an hour or two, then allowed to cool, a little curdled milk called "dhye" being added in order to make the whole coagulate. After a lapse of some hours, the top five or six inches of the contents of each pot is taken off and placed in a larger earthenware utensil, in which it is churned, by means of a piece of split bamboo, for about half an hour. Hot water is then poured in, and the churning is continued for half an hour longer, by which time the butter has formed. The butter is allowed to become rancid and is then melted in an earthen vessel and boiled until all the water has evaporated. A little salt or betel-leaf is added and it is finally poured off into suitable vessels in which it can be preserved from the air, bottles being commonly used for the purpose.

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