Comparative Digestibility of Foods

Comparative Digestibility of Foods -

The following list of foods considered from the standpoint of the ease or otherwise with which they can be digested by dyspeptics, is adapted from a folder entitled Diet and General Directions Suitable for Those Suffering from Indigestion, given by the authorities of Cambridge University, England, to each pupil on or shotly after his arrival:

FIRST GROUP. Articles easy of digestion and most suitable for the dyspeptic.

chicken, eggs (lightly cooked), sweetbread, squab, mutton, venison, rabbit.

Flounder, chicken halibut, smelt, whiting.

Stale bread, biscuits, arrowroot, cornstarch, rice, sago, tapioca.

Asparagus, cauliflower, sea-kale, string beans.

Baked Apples, grapes, oranges. Beef-tea, milk, mutton broth.

Toast-water, black tea, Bordeaux wines (Claret and Sauternes), Rhine wines, dry sherry.

SECOND GROUP. Articles moderately easy of digestion, but only admissible in the less severe cases of indigestion.

Soups in general.

Beef, lamb, hare, turkey, duck, guinea fowl, wild waterfowl, woodcock, snipe.

Bass, cod, haddock, oysters (raw), perch, pike, pollack, porgy, pompano, Kennebec salmon, shad, trout, turbot, weakfish, whitefish.

Artichokes, cabbage, potatoes, salads of lettuce or cress, tomatoes, turnips.

Apples, apricots, goosberries, mulberries, peaches, pineapples.

Cooked fruit in general, marmalade, jelly, richly made farinaceous puddings.

Cocoa, coffee, malt drinks, Madeira and Burgundy.

THIRD GROUP. Articles difficult of digestion. Few of the articles contained in this group should ever be taken by the dyspeptic, and those to which an asterisk is prefixed should be regarded by him more in the light of poison than food.

Hard-boiled eggs, *pork, *veal, *goose, the brains, *heart, *liver and *kidney of animals, *hashed or *stewed meats, salt meat, *sausage.

Cockles, crab, crayfish, *eel, herring, lobster, *mackerel, *mussels, cooked oysters, prawns, salmon, scallops, shrimps, skate, sprats, sturgeon and salted fish in general.

New bread, cheese, *muffins, *mushrooms, pancake, *pastry in general, pickles, plum pudding, *suet pudding, buttered toast.

*Nuts of all kinds.

Cherries, pears, plums, dried fruits.

Beans, beetroot, carrots, *raw cucumbers, endive, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, parsnips, peas.

Chocolate, champagne, port, liqueurs.

GENERAL DIRECTIONS. Dyspeptics should observe great regularity in the hours of meals - any changes in the time of meals should be gradually made. Solid food should be thoroughly masticated before being swallowed.

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