Filberts or Hazel Nuts

Filberts or Hazel Nuts -

The fruit of the Hazel bush or tree, growing in clusters, each enveloped in a husk which opens as the nut ripens. Filberts, "full-beards," are those with fringed husks extending beyond the Nuts; Hazels, "hoods," have husks shorter than the Nuts. When ripe and deprived of the husks, only an expert can tell the difference, as there are several styles and sizes of each. In this country they are all classed as "filberts."

The two chief varieties of the American nut are the "Common" and "Beaked." The former is the more desirable, its kernel being sweet and pleasing in flavor, but it is too small to be of much commercial value.

The best known imported varieties are the Sicily and Naples, the bulk of the supply coming from Sicily. One Naples type is distinguished by its large oblong shape.

"Barcelona-Nuts" are hazel nuts, generally kiln-dried, from Barcelona, Spain.

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