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The word farina indicated properly the flour of any grain, starch, root, etc., but as used generally in this country it signifies either a coarse "flour" from corn (maize), used principally for making puddings and desserts, or a wheat "cereal" for breakfast purposes, etc.

wheat "farina" corresponds to the product known in Europe as Semolina or Semola. It consists of very fine wheat "middlings" - the small particles of wheat left in the bolting machine after the flour has been passed through its meshes. The best is that obtained in the milling of the very hard-grained wheats.

Semolina is perhaps most popular in France where it is used in a great many ways, including a favorite variety of fine wheat bread known as pain de gruau, etc. In Italy it is used with other grains and meal in making POLENTA (which see). It is the original macaroni "flour."

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