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Is used as table SYRUP (see SYRUP); in confectionery, baking, etc. (see glucose), and in the manufacture of jams, vinegar and various other food products, in addition to the large quantity empolyed in other industries. In manufacture, raw (corn) starch is mixed with water to form what is known as "starch milk," then a small quantity of hydrochloric or muriatic acid is added and the whole is run into "converters" - large closed copper vessels, where steam is applied under about 40 pounds pressure, quickly changing the starch into a mixture of glucose and dextrose. The product is next run into a tank where alkali is added to neutralize the acid used and the liquid is then filtered and decolorized by passing through bone-black, in much the same way as cane sugar is purified, and finally evaporated to the proper consistence in vacuum pans.

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