Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil -

The expressed clarified oil of cod livers. It is considered an excellent aid in the treatment of pulmonary diseases and also in various forms of debility, the food value of the pure oil being supplemented by a noticeable percentage of phosphorus, iodine and bromine. There are three grades - Light Yellow, Light Brown and Dark Brown. The best qualities of Light Yellow come from the Lofoten Isles, Norway.

The high grade "cod oil" of commerce is identically the same as "cod liver oil" - both are extracted from the cod livers - but publicity has made the latter title more familiar to the general public.

Nearly all of the cod liver oil on the market formerly came from Newfoundland and Norway, but Alaska and Japan are to-day also important manufacturing points.

"Emulsion" of cod liver oil, a popular modern form, is a milk-like preparation, the oil finely divided and held in suspension by the addition and mixing in of, generally, glycerine and tragacanth.

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