Salt Cod

Salt Cod -

Of all kinds is, when possible, cured immediately after catching. The fish are first split from head to tail and next thoroughly cleaned of all traces of blood by repeated washings in salt water. Part of the backbone is next cut out and the fish, after being drained as nearly dry as practicable, are then placed in vats or similar receptacles and covered with salt, remaining thus until sufficiently cured. When the curing process has been completed, they are taken out of the vats, washed and brushed to remove superfluous salt and placed to dry in the sun, spread out on wooden racks, on the beach or elsewhere. They are considered fit for market when they show "bloom" - a whitish appearance on the surface. They are sold in many forms, popular types being Boneless Cod and Flaked Cod, put up in small boxes; Shredded Cod, in papers and cans, etc.

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