Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter -

The fat or oil extracted from the cocoa bean. It has high commercial value. The greater part of it is employed in confectionery, especially in covered candies, such as chocolate Creams, but a considerable quantity is used in the druggist's trade - in the manufacture of toilet preparations, cosmetics, etc., and also in the natural form without change or addition whenever the requirements call for a pure fat that will melt at the temperature of the body and will retain its sweetness indefinitely.

cocoa and chocolate and all allied products should be kept cool and dry to prevent deterioration.

In preparing cocoa or chocolate for the table, it should be remembered that the full flavor and most complete digestibility are only attainable by subjecting it to the boiling point for a few minutes. Neither is properly cooked by having boiling milk or water poured over it - in that way you get all the "food value" into the stomach, it is true, but the same remark applies if you eat it raw - keep it boiling for a few minutes to enjoy it at its best.

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